Fract is a cutting-edge solution that provides users with the ability to create territories both manually and automatically using our state-of-the-art smart optimization engine. When creating these territories, users can let the AI determine the optimal settings or set the desired values of target customers, selecting either a single location or choosing an area directly from the map. If a single location is desired, a Smart Auto-Territory can be created. If an area is chosen from the map, Fract creates several Auto-Territories within that area using the desired value of the target market.


When creating an Auto-Territory, Fract’s Smart Optimization Engine takes into account the values of all demographics, ranging from income and drive-time, to the number of competitors and amplifiers anywhere in and around the territory.


Every parameter for Auto-Territory creation can be tuned to meet the unique requirements of each individual brand. Examples of how these parameters can be set include target values of key customers, location or area on the map, the importance of income, drive-time, competitors, amplifiers or suppressors within and surrounding that area.

Find out how many territories can a new market hold


Users can create several separate Auto-Territories for any area chosen on the map with the target values of key customers. Moreover, Fract will generate as many territories as possible inside the selected area using the desired values of target customers.

Draw a polygon or circle
Optimal territories display within a few seconds

Build a territory automatically based on your brand guidelines and tweak from there


Users can create an Auto-Territory around a chosen location. With this feature, users are able to see the optimal size of the territory, the number of competitors operating within that territory, and whether or not any cases of cannibalism exist in that perimeter. In addition to this, the Auto-Territory also gives users the ability to understand where a promotion is most beneficial based on detailed insights gathered from that location.

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Smart territory is ready in a few seconds