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Refine Customer Profile

Define or Refine who your customers are to get the best ideal customer profile

know where the demand is

Find Profitable Areas

Predict how much demand is going to be in an area, not by historical records, but by how much market potential is there specifically for your brand

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don't leave money on the table

Increase Area Sales

Increase sales in an area by knowing the dynamic effects of competition, points of interest, events, weather, etc. and how it impacts your customers buying behavior

How it works

Whether it's more efficient territories, strategic site placements or product demand forecasting - Fract makes it simple in 4 key steps:

Your business and competitors get analyzed on why they are successful or not

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Your platform adds area knowledge like market potential, demographics, weather and more

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Your dashboard predicts where your efforts would generate more revenue

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Your system learns powerful insights that help increase sales strategically across your company

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It's not just answers, its easy to use
Saves Money
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"We no longer need a PC just to run territory software, Fract works on our Macs and our mobile!"
"Fract showed us our ideal customers aren't just female, they have to spend money on massages too?!"
"We used Buxton for territory management. It's twice as fast doing the same thing in Fract"
"We are now selling territories during lunch or even at ball games. Fract works everywhere!"

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