Use Time & Location Data
to Get Better Results - fast.

With Fract’s proprietary Fractal Loop™ engine, you get...
High-Value Answers, not just High-Percentage Correlations.

Until now, combining
Geospatial Analysis with Artificial Intelligence
has been just
Too Bloody Hard.

Hard to set up. Hard to maintain.
Hard to learn.
Hard to use. Hard to wait for.
Hard to afford.

“Too bloody hard” is the problem.
Fract is the solution.

Fract is simple to set-up.
Simple to maintain. Simple to learn.
Simple to use. Simply fast.
And easy to afford.

Fract is Dirt-Simple, Rock-Solid and Fast.


Fract isn’t mere data science. We distilled and condensed decades of hard-won, practical business experience into our proprietary Fractal Loop™ engine. We’re talking about the kind of location intelligence that only comes from pouring over printed maps by hand for years.

02 / DATA

Then we combine open-source and private geospatial data, demographic data, micro-weather data and your own transactional data - and more - to find real answers, not just correlations.

And we take it even farther. 


Fract makes specific time- & location-based recommendations in seconds. And then Fract estimates the value and likelihood of each recommendation.