Fetch your data with our easy API

Get your data using our restful JSON API. It’s easy and simple.

Are you tired of begging vendors to get access to your own data

Get your data quickly

Quick and instant data access, anytime, anyday, anywhere.

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Precision access

Get all your data or just some of it by address, radius, zipcode, type, distance, etc.

No hidden fees

There is never a fee to get your data out or get your data back in.

Stop wasting time and money getting your data

Current competitive platforms cant, or worse wont, allow a modern way to move data easily with a JSON API, to be used anywhere, from websites to mobile apps. It’s costing you money not having it.

Not using an API results in a 83.3% loss in both time and money
of time and
money is lost
without an API
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Instead, Get and Update your data automatically

We know how frustrating it can be to not gain access to your own data sets and when you do it’s usually in an excel or csv format. Just as bad, if you want to add, edit, update or delete just one piece of data, you have login and manually do it. But no more, now you can automate all that.

Significant time and money saved

No need to login, just have your computers talk to our computers and get instance access to your data.

Process data quickly significantly reduces time and errors.
Reduces labor and operational expenses.
Enhances automation in frequent data handling.
Love that I’m able to get everything
done in no time and no mistakes
time and money

Change your data easily using our API

No need to login, just have your computers send any new or updated information to our computers and get instance accessibilty and visibility anywhere

Add Locations or Places dynamically
Update any details about your locations as it happens
Remove anything that is no longer needed

Start sharing your lists to those that need it now

  • Just send an address or pick an area and all the data that is important to you appears instantly
  • Address, Phone, Website, Ratings, Photos, all fresh from that day, ready to be used that moment
  • Get granular details on each location or territory without lifting a finger
  • Send to teams to work a territory, get area analytics, or allow call centers to see where to route
more value for
your dollar

What customers are saying

Some of the fastest growing brands use Fract
“Couldn’t be happier with my purchase. The team were really helpful too.”
Dale Henderson
VP of Business Development
“Things that were taking me hours or days have been cut down to mere minutes.”
Robert Bennett
Senior Territory Rep
“Our team’s productivity has doubled since we signed up. This is an essential tool.”
Becky Johnson
Franchise Manager
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How to Get Started

We understand how frustrating it is finding places and businesses that are important to you in a quick, easy, useful way. The support is missing, it takes a long time and the results are 1/4 useless and expensive. We have a plan to not let this happen to you.


Schedule demo

Get a demo with an expert who can understand your exact needs and what your looking for


Get a  plan that works for you

You have unique needs and together we’ll create a specific plan to accomplish your goals


Sit back and watch the results

Let the platform do the heavy lifting and quickly give you the results

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Quality support agreement

  1. Get up and running the same day - We will setup your platform it in one day with a walk through
  2. We are always here to support your unique needs - call us, ping us in chat, email - we regularly do live screenshares with customers and give strategic advice not just tech support.
  3. We put time into helping you find the business lists and places that work best for you.
  4. We can get most data that is specific to your company
  5. You automatically get software and data updates going forward. We'll do walk throughs of new features so you can capitalize on them right away.
  6. Our pricing is clear with no hidden costs. You can cancel any time and export your data.
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How we can help

At Fract we know you’re the kind of people who want to be masters at growing your brand. In order to be that way, you need to find areas that are profitable.

The problem is overly complicated business listing software with no support that is hard to learn and even harder to use, which makes you feel frustrated, like you’re just winging it.

We believe you shouldn’t have to be a data expert to get the business lists you need. We understand you have more important things to do than spending days searching though categories of businesses.

That’s why we created an area platform that is simple, effective, and generates more sales for you and some of the fastest growing brands.

Here’s how it works - first you schedule a demo with one of our experts, you then get a customized plan based on your goals, and you’re up and running within a day as we guide you along the way.

Schedule your demo today so you can stop wasting time on playing with data and start using an easy approach to grow your brand fast and effectively.
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