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We want you to succeed in all your location analytic needs

We didn't see anyone listening to what companies wanted in a location analytics platform,
so we went out and built our own from the ground up to help you grow your bottom line
and that also means you can talk to a real human that will "get" your unique brand needs.
know who your customers really are

Refine Customer Profiling

First, we want to focus on finding who your customers really are and get the ideal customer profile(s) that reflect your unique brand and products.

know where the demand is hiding

Find Profitable Areas

Second we feels its important to predict how much demand is going to be in an area for you, not just by historical records, but by how much market potential there is specifically for your products.

  • Analyze
  • Enrich
  • Predict
  • Learn
don't leave money on the table

Increase Area Sales

Lastly we are adamant about increasing your sales in an area by knowing the dynamic effects of competition, points of interest, events, weather, etc. and how it impacts your ideal customers buying behavior.

How your platform works for you

From efficient territories, strategic site locations and product demand forecasting,
your platform helps you succeed in 4 key areas:

Your business and competitors get analyzed on why they are successful or not

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Your platform gets area knowledge like market potential, demographics, weather and more

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Your dashboard predicts where your efforts would generate more revenue

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Your system learns powerful insights that help increase sales strategically across your company

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Quick and Easy is Important to Us

It's not just answers, its easy for you to use
Saves Money
Fully Visual
Global Datasets
Much More
Founded in San Francisco
Paying customers accrued in 6 short years
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Customers say they love us
"We no longer need a specific PC to run our location software, Fract also works on our Macs and our mobile phones!"
"Fract showed us our ideal customers aren't just female, they have to spend money on massages too?!"
"We used Buxton for territory management, but it's twice as fast doing the same thing in Fract"
"We are now selling territories during lunch and even at ball games. Fract works everywhere!"

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