Analytics and Artificial Intelligence

Big Idea 2015: Spatial Prediction Will Dominate Analytics

Since the first humans gained consciousness, they have strived to answer one question: what comes next?

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Business Location Analytics and AI: What Every Business Will Need in 2017

Did you know that technology made a hundred years’ worth of progress from 2000 to 2014? According to Ray Kurzweil, computer scientist, innovator and one of the leading AI experts in the world, the same hundred years’ worth of progress will be achieved from 2014-2021, in just seven years.

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Market Share 101: How to Create, Maintain and Increase Market Share in Your Industry

If you’ve ever been to any business event, market share has probably been a major topic. Indeed, in today’s business world, market share practically defines success – you’re as successful as how much market share you have today…

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Innovative Technologies and Geospatial Analytics: Conceiving Your Go to Market Strategy

If any company wants to go really big today, they have to focus on innovation and novelty. Simple as that.Multiple studies have proven that one of the top reasons for driving purchase intent among customers is innovation, or rather, the process of being exposed to something new.

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Understanding the Real World Influence on the Virtual One Might Be the Missing Link You’ve Been Looking For

Internet can be considered one of the most explosive inventions of the world. It can easily be placed alongside inventions that radically changed how our world functions, such as combustion engine, printed press, and sliced bread.

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Online vs Offline Retail? No, Just Retail

The buzz.The buzz that sends fear into the hearts of retailers, suggesting that online shopping has come to replace offline, and there is no turning back.Indeed, with the technology available to the large public today, which allows to order anything from diapers and chips to perfectly fitting clothing and comfortable furniture, why would anyone bother to take the time to visit a physical store when they can simply order everything online?But then…

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