Retail and Merchandising

Tips to Developing a Simple Retail Sales Forecast

People, such as investors, are especially interested in your business plan for growth, and your retail sales forecast is a big part of what they take into consideration. It should show your predicted monthly sales for the next year and by year for the next two-to-five years.

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Retail Technology: Manage Demographics and Make Profit

Much of the modern economy focuses on data, information and social networking, but in retail, the age old adage “location, location, location” still fits. For retail technology, the goal of any advanced data, information or social networking is to find and engage the perfect market, and in a physical retail space your location defines your target market.

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Five Ways iBeacons Are Revolutionizing Retail

Less than two years have passed since Apple first launched iBeacons in 254 stores across the country. In the past two years, retailers have used iBeacons to find out who is shopping at their stores and to reach out to those customers with real-time information on purchases. Available for Apple devices iOS 7 and above, iBeacon uses a Bluetooth connection. Here are a few ways that iBeacons are revolutionizing retail.

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Why Do Customers Shop at Your Store – the Secret Behind Business Sales

Customers.Today, customers decide everything – they decide whether your business/service/product/software is good or bad, whether it’s worth spending time on, whether they would like to recommend you to a friend, and ultimately, whether you are going to be profitable, just on the verge or survival/defeat or are destined to fail even before you get anywhere.

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The Beauty of Customer Movement or Spatial Targeting: a New Era of Customer Segmentation

Let me ask you something.If you own a coffee shop and target families with middle income, aged 25-35, and a single guy, around 45-50, walks into your store – would you not sell him coffee? Exactly.

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Spatial Intelligence for Retail: Understanding (and Utilizing) Your Business Space

“Business space” is everywhere. Literally.Every retail business, online or offline, big and small, strives to make the best possible use of space (territories, locations, etc.), and with good reason.

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