Benefits and Features That Franchise Owners Ask for in Mapping Software

When it comes to territory mapping, franchise owners are looking for software that is quick and easy to use. I often hear them say how important it is to store the company’s data on the cloud so that team members can collaborate, reach agreements in shorter times, and ultimately put the right information at the franchisee’s fingertips.

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Pet Services is a $2.1 billion dollar business (and they needed a better territory solution)

Pet services have been the fastest growing product segment for the Pet Stores industry over the past five years.* Pet services include full service grooming, haircuts, baths, toenail trimming and tooth.

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Microsoft Can Teach Us A Lot About What Isn't Needed In A Territory Mapping Software

Microsoft has discontinued MapPoint starting this year, which was used as a territory mapping software. This left many users with an option to replace it. However, the big question here is, what exactly does a business, like a franchise, need in a mapping package?

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3 Ways to Calculate Your Market Share

Market share is your piece of the pie. It is important to investment banks, your partner, your sales team and your growth. But what is that pie and how do you calculate your slice?

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4 Ways a Good Territory Mapping Software Prevents Headaches

Any manager or employee involved in outside sales knows the incredible joy of getting their territory right. It is simply tremendous to walk in the door of a prospective customer and know that your referrals are good, there are 30 more customers waiting for you down the street, and you have all the territory information you need to make a good pitch, from approach to close.

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How Geo-analytics can Improve Your Business

With the constantly evolving atmosphere of the business world, understanding the particular nuances of brick-and-mortar stores is imperative to establishing an image within consumer market any size.

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