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Pet Services is a $2.1 billion dollar business (and they needed a better territory solution)

Mike Mack

Pet services have been the fastest growing product segment for the Pet Stores industry over the past five years.* Pet services include full service grooming, haircuts, baths, toenail trimming and tooth.

As the demand climbs and the need to fulfill customer demand grows, a feisty mobile pet grooming business, Aussie Pet Mobile Canada, who was voted #1 in Pet Services category by Entrepreneur Magazine in 2012, came looking for a territory answer.

Why they came to us?

They came to us looking for a better way to manage territories for their mobile franchisee’s. They wanted to talk to a person who could listen and strive to fill the need they had. They we’re frustrated with the current solutions which required a dedicated computer running Microsoft.

What they needed?

They wanted to build territories for their franchisee’s from any computer. They wanted a way to share and collaborate this information with their franchisee’s live.

They wanted to add their own list of data to visualize what was important.

They wanted something with flexible pricing options and they wanted it to be used for all their franchisee’s. (More information on what Franchisor’s have recently been looking for can be found here; What Benefits and Features Franchisor’s are looking for)

What we did for them?

We built them a system that is based in the cloud. A true software as a service option that can be run from anywhere and shared with anyone.

For collaborating, they can now have a franchisee watch live as both parties collaborate on the territory definition. They can give the franchisee edit rights and they can build what they think is a rough draft.

We gave them a “master” territory project that could prevent encroachment automatically. We gave them the ability to share each individual territory to its prospective owner.

For sharing, each project can be shared internally or externally with view/edit rights so they had control on who gets do do what.

Does it pay for itself?

A thousand times over in just time alone. The goal was to have a central repository of all their existing and potential territories, something that they can share instantly vs taking screen shots and emailing them.

This is a dynamic system so as time goes by, the franchisee can grow into more territories if needed and see what is available in the surrounding area and make decisions quicker.

It gives that sex appeal that you’re using the latest cutting edge tools to your franchisee’s. There are easier solutions, but these don’t give the answers they needed, aren’t collaborative, only run on PC’s or roughly on the web, don’t update with new data automatically and are overly complicated.

Is there something you need for a better territory solution?


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