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Fract joins IFA!

Mike Mack

International franchise Association (IFA) is the world’s largest and oldest organization representing franchising worldwide. IFA utilizes its governmental relationships, policies, media and educational programs to defend the rights, promote and support franchising industry and over 780k franchise companies that hold close to 9 million jobs and produce $900 billion economic resources for the U.S.

IFA members include companies in more than 300 business categories, as well as franchising individuals and various companies that support the industry in IT, marketing, law and many other spheres. With over 44% of U.S. businesses being franchisee-worked, the value that IFA brings to the community is crucial to the growth and prosperity of the industry.

In February 2016, Fract joined IFA as a full member of the association and is proud and excited to share the news of the newborn relationship with all of you guys. We are working hard to support and encourage franchising in the U.S. and hope to prove to be useful as to both individual franchisors/franchisees as well as the industry as a whole.

Our mission is to prevent business failure when it comes to territory mapping and site selection, by making it quick and easy for franchisors to define their territories correctly, and optimize them for maximum income, profit and success. Technology has made it possible to simplify almost every business procedure in the world, why should franchising stay behind on this or be any different?

This union is the first big step towards accomplishing what we strongly believe in and helping franchisors and franchisees prosper and grow. We hope to gain your support and are looking forward towards establishing strong, long-lasting and fruitful business relationships with all of our customers. Cheers guys!

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